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  • Roads and Drainage for residential and  commercial developments to  include applications and security of all relevant statutory approvals.

  • Drainage Assessment for small, medium and large scale residential and commercial projects.    (Note** Drainage Photos courtesy of FP McCann Ltd).

  • Assessment of Flood Risk for small, medium and large scale residential and commercial projects. Traffic Engineering Consultancy to include junction assessments, traffic statements and transport assessment.

  • Structural Engineering Consultancy for small to medium residential projects.


The following software is available to EDC Consulting for the provision of our services:

1. AutoCAD 2021 and later.

2. Site3D Ground Modelling and Roads Design Software.

3. Causeway Flow + (V7) for the design of Drainage for all types of residential and commercial developments.

4. HEC-RAS and Flood Modeller for River/Stream Modelling.

5. WinFAP/ReFH2 Hydrological Analysis software.

6. Tekla TEDDS Structural Analysis and Design software.

7. MasterSeries Structural Engineering software.

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